Many women may be need of intimate procedures to restore a healthy vagina after childbirth or to combat the symptoms of menopause or aging. Surgically, this is referred to as vaginoplasty. However, not all women may be suitable or want to undergo surgery. Academy Face and Body offers two alternative, non-invasive procedures – DOT laser (external) and MonaLisa Touch (internal) treatments.

Aside from the fact that some women are merely dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance of their reproductive organs (vulva), there are a number of other reasons why women may want, or be in need of vaginal rejuvenation treatments

First, a woman endures various natural processes which tend to alter the original form and appearance of their vaginas. These processes which include weight changes, natural aging, pregnancy or even childbirth, may have an impact on the vagina’s internal tissue by subsequently weakening it and resulting into it losing tone and stretching the external vulva tissues. The aftermath is a medical condition referred to as Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS).

This condition is common with women aged between 30 and 40 years and is a consequence of a decline in the body’s collagen regeneration. (Collagen is a protein in the body which is responsible for the strengthening of all connective body tissues, the vagina included) With this, the vagina changes from the typical spongy, lubricated and robust lining and into a subsequently frail, thin and dry lining. Other symptoms of VRS include mild prolapse, bladder leakage and perineal scarring.

If you are concerned about vaginal lubrication, tightening or just wish to give your vagina cosmetic appearance uplift, Academy Face and Body offer non surgical solutions.

If you are merely looking to rejuvenate your vulva or tighten your vagina without involving surgery, the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment may be ideal for you. It is suited for women who are grappling with typical post-birth symptoms like vaginal tone loss, mild prolapse, dryness or minor bladder leakage.

Mona Lisa Touch works by triggering regeneration of tissues which aid in restoring your vagina back to its original elastic, healthy and younger state. After using it, the results are noticeable vaginal tissue strengthening, enhanced urinary consistency and better lubrication.

As for the DOT (external) laser option, it improves and firms the vulva tissue texture aside from flattening and softening perineal scarring.

As opposed to surgical processes, MonaLisa Touch operates through stimulation of the regenerative body process to establish healthier and more hydrated cells not to mention improving the supply of blood within vaginal walls. This directly impacts that elasticity and integrity of the standard vaginal tissue besides boosting vaginal acidity to more normal levels. The overall impact is a tightened vaginal canal, enhanced sensitivity, improved lubrication plus a healthy PH setting while subsequently minimizing discharge and infections like UTIs and thrush.

The unique design of the equipment allows it to direct numerous (thousands) small beams (DOTs) of heat and energy directly into the vaginal wall surface layer via a smooth and slim hand-piece which can gently be inserted inside the vaginal canal. This process of delivering heat deep into the epithelium naturally and the vaginal surface regenerative methods, together with the connecting tissues through stimulation of the activity of the specialized cells which create collagen and elastin are the building blocks for any functional and healthy tissue.

Contrastingly, with the external vulva DOT laser, the operation is fairly more cosmetic and operates similarly to that of CO2 DOT treatments for skin rejuvenation. Its laser parameters are altered uniquely to guarantee appropriate addressing of your skin condition.

The first step to the treatment is a consultation with a qualified physician to discuss both your concerns and symptoms to ascertain which treatment or treatments are most sutiable for you.

When it comes to MonaLisa Touch, you are required to be in possession of your most recent and regular Pap smear result. If you are deemed ok to go, you then immediately start your initial treatment right after consultation. No advance preparation is needed.

Although numerous women respond positively to the first treatment session, more advanced conditions may need 4 or even five sessions. In case you exhibit any unusual symptoms or contraindications, they are addressed before treatment commences if not referring you to specialists.

MonaLisa is a painless and quick treatment process which takes around 15 minutes to fully complete. Any moisture is swabbed off your vagina, and a sterile and smooth probe is inserted gently. As the laser is working on you, you will experience a minor vibration sensation although you need no sedation as this treatment is relatively comfortable and has minimal side effects.

You will also have the full support of qualified doctors and nurses in the course of the procedure to guarantee top-level satisfaction and patient care standards. As for the DOT laser, you need to apply a special numbing cream before commencing treatment although it is subsequently well tolerated even though it is slightly more sensitive compared to the internal procedure. The region may feel somewhat warm for either one or two hours, but it is not painful.

For post treatment care, when it comes to MonaLisa Touch (internal) laser treatment, it has no downtime, and as such, patients can subsequently proceed with their routines immediately after. The case is similar to the DOT (external) laser although several patients indicate some dryness or tenderness for several days until the healing and strengthening of the new skin.

Recommendations are that you abstain from sexual activity, exposure to public pools/spas and or strenuous exercise for at least 3 to 5 days.

Patients note that DOT and MonaLisa treatments result in vaginal tightening, improved lubrication and contraction in days although more noticeable results are noticeable after several weeks with the subsequent remodeling of collagen within the vaginal wall (mucosa) and progressively goes on for an approximate six months.

The duration and degree of regeneration and vaginal tightening differs from patient to patient. Numerous patients indicate an improvement for between 12 and 18 months with no extra intervention although one yearly treatment session is recommendable for extending the advantageous results.

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