Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Academy Face and Body is dedicated to providing cosmetic procedures and laser treatments that address various issues. Their treatments are aimed at combating the effects of aging such as wrinkles. Other therapies include; mole removal, vaginal rejuvenation, men’s health, snoring and hair loss among many others.

The clinics have two facilities one at Perth and the other one at Sydney. Led by Medical Director Dr. Jayson Oates, the clinic strives to provide the best of services. It is a fact that many people, some more than others, care a lot about their appearance. It is for this reasons that these clinics offer an extensive list of procedures which can improve one’s appearance. The years of experience that the doctors have in handling such matters should give one confidence in the quality of their treatments and procedures.

The wide variety of treatments and procedures on offer include:

Skin rejuvenation

As science would explain, environmental factors, stress, hormonal changes, and acne can result in a change in one’s appearance. This is because it usually results in a reduced skin cell rejuvenation ultimately leading to wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and an overall aging-appearance.

To address this issue, the clinics came up with their approach to the subject. The CO2 procedure is designed to help people get rid of stretch marks, wrinkles, yellow bumps, sagging skin among other effects of aging or acne. The process usually increases new collagen production, thus facilitating skin tightening, removal of scars, smoothening of the skin and a general youthful appearance. Whereas for most people one treatment will be enough, those whose skins require additional treatments are advised to have regular CO2 procedures so that they can see the best of results.

Mole removal

It is common for people to have moles, either from birth or as they grow older. However, statistics indicate that a more significant percentage of those with moles or skin tags are unhappy with them and would like to get rid of them. That is why the ScarLess procedure offered by the Academy Face and Body has been very beneficial to many.

The procedure gives those with unwanted lesions a chance to completely get rid of them. This process involves radiosurgery. In addition to the ScarLess procedure for mole removal, post-treatment options such as light therapy or blending may be required to fully make sure that one is not left with any scaring after the mole is removed.


Not willing to go through a surgical facelift? Academy Face and Body offer a non-surgical facelift called the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift. Facelifts are one of the most known common cosmetic procedures across the world. This procedure targets the jaw area, the neck, face, and brows. When all these areas are done, the clinic assures that you will look younger. The results of this procedure are best experienced after three months once collagen production has increased and the tissues are firm.

Some of the other treatments such as the CO2 laser treatment can be combined with this treatment to enhance even better results. The best thing regarding this procedure is that you do not have to worry about scaring as the process is non-invasive.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The beneficial part of this procedure is that it is an all-natural process. It involves blood platelets being taken from the body then re-injected when it is concentrated with stem cells and bioactive proteins. Stems cells have a significant role biological importance. They can divide and regenerate thus facilitating tissue repair or the formation of new tissues.

This procedure is applied mostly for cosmetic purpose as it can be able to cause tissue repair thus giving the skin the once youthful appearance that it had. It is also used in the regeneration of vaginal and penile tissue.

Mona Lisa Touch

This treatment is specially designed for women. It features various procedures, all aimed at improving women’s health and sexual life. For instance, the Mona Lisa Touch can be able to help women who are having issues with pain during sex, itching, vaginal dryness, issues with elasticity, problems regarding urinary tract infections among other issues.

These symptoms are mostly experienced by women who are going through menopause. At menopause, there is a significant reduction in the production of estrogen. However, the ten-minutes-long laser procedure can help women going through such struggles to have vaginal rejuvenation.

Also, the Mona Lisa Touch features an internal laser which is aimed at helping those with issues regarding vaginal tightening or the shape and look of their vulva. This treatment gives women comfort, ease of mind and sexual enjoyment.

Men’s Health

This clinic has been caring enough as to have a special treatment for men also. In collaboration with CALIBRE clinic, they offer procedures which correct erectile dysfunction and facilitate penis enlargement. The enlargement can be done through the process referred to as the CALIBRE injection filler technique. On the other hand, problems with erectile dysfunction are approached using the PRP technology to ensure that there are healing, repair and proper functioning of the penile tissue. That way, men no longer have to lack confidence when it comes to fulfilling their partner’s sexual needs.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is increasingly becoming common. Other than it being a heredity condition, it has been made even more common by conditions such as thyroid disease, anemia, and other chronic diseases. Some of the procedures for remedying this situation were not pleasant. This is why the Academy Face and Body introduced the PRP scalp injections to help those with hair thinning and hair loss. This process, non-surgical and non-hormonal, has been successful as it works by introducing concentrated platelets which facilitate regeneration and proper functioning of the hair follicles.

Snoring Treatment

Many factors cause snoring. Whereas in some people it is due to a disease or allergies, other reasons include smoking, the sleep position and the anatomy of one’s nasal airway. One thing remains sure; however, it is never fun being around someone who snores. Your problems can now be over thanks to the V2LR Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The procedure is a success because it facilitates the mucosal surface and soft pallets to tighten thus stopping snoring.

Academy Face and Body offers a wide range of procedures and treatments to help people with different issues. From skin rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, women’s and men’s sexual health and comfort to a facelift, you can trust their expertise to help guide you through all the procedures and treatments involved



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