Skin Threads

Skin Threads

As people begin to age, the tissues become weakened, there is a loss of facial fat, and the underlying support structure becomes lax and starts to sag. The main areas that suffer from this aging are the cheeks, around the eyes, the neck, the brows, and the jowls. These effects lead to a longer and older looking facial appearance. As such, many people are prompted to seek procedures that are designed to reverse the signs of aging.

One of these procedures is the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift offered at Academy Face and Body. It is a non-surgical technique that uses absorbable skin threads to lift and rejuvenate the facial and neck skin, resulting in a fresh and more youthful appearance. The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is based on a new lifting method that involves the implantation of multiple threads to create a network acting as a support to the tissue.

Cosmetic surgeons considered this procedure one of the best rejuvenation treatment options outside of surgery. This thread lift technique has been touted as much more reliable and longer lasting than other previous methods.


This procedure is very worthwhile for anyone of any age and either sex who possess moderately elastic skin and is starting to observe the effects of gravity on the face and neck. Academy Face and Body recommends this treatment for both men and women. People suitable for the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift include:

  • Individuals with Sagging skin on the facial and neck areas who seek to delay the effects of skin laxity.
  • Individuals who seek a less radical facelift that appears more natural with enhanced skin tightening.
  • People with time constraints who seek fast facial procedures with minimal downtime.
  • People with a preference for soft dissolvable threads as opposed to traditional fixed barbed ones.

This technique can be used together with other skin rejuvenating procedures. The procedures may include CO2 skin resurfacing laser treatments, chemical peels or skin needling. Also, an injectable cosmetic program can be utilized to enhance the structure created by the silhouette threads. At Academy Face and Body, all patients receive advice on the optimal treatment plan during the initial consultation.


A complete face-lift and neck lift can be performed using the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift Method. However, patients can opt for treatment of areas of concern such as the Mid-Face, Lower Jaw or Eyebrows. The Mid-Face treatment serves to redefine the cheekbone contours and result in a fuller appearance on the cheeks. This effect is achieved through the firming up of the skin. The Mid-Face lift also reduces the nasolabial folds.

The Lower Jaw Lift results in a firmer and more regularly contoured jawline. The procedure restores the definition of the facial structure. The Eyebrow Lift serves to open up the eyes and raise the outer edges of the eyebrows.


Before treatment, the patient’s face and neck are assessed thoroughly to determine the optimum placement of threads. The points for the threads are marked out on the skin. The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is carried out under aseptic conditions, and a local anesthetic is injected into the entry and exit points of the suture.

The anesthesia serves to minimize any discomfort. No incisions are required. The dissolvable threads are inserted through the skin using a needle. When all the threads are in the right place, they are tightened, and the suture ends are trimmed to below skin level. The threads contain small soft cones. The cones contain bio-stimulating dermal fillers. The dermal fillers hold them into position to create a structure for the lifted skin.

The surgeon achieves the lifting effect by pulling the soft threads through the skin. The small cones will easily travel in one direction but will resist moving back into their original position. This movement creates the lift of the skin.

The threads used are bidirectional. Bidirectionality means that the opposite sides of the threads will anchor the lifts in place and create further lifting. Through elevation and compression of tissue, this method aims to achieve volume repositioning and skin tightening. Following treatment, the patients may experience a little redness and soreness at the treatment site.

The lifting is most pronounced immediately after the procedure. It is entirely normal for the lifting effects to settle over the next few days to achieve the final result. Some patients do experience significant puckering of the skin at the points where the surgeon introduced the sutures. This phenomenon is normal and will disappear over the new few days.


Patients will usually observe the effects of the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift immediately. Improvements in lift and tone occur over time as the soft threads integrate with the facial tissue and collagen formation around the threads and cones begins. Most patients will notice the best results starting from six weeks to six months.

The thread lift results typically last for up to 2 years. When the treatment is combined with dermal fillers, the effects can last for up to three years or more. The results will be different from patient to patient. They will be dependent on factors such as age, skin type, areas treated, facial volume and patient lifestyle.

Specific patient practices can increase the efficacy of this treatment option. The practices include adhering to post-treatment care programs, avoiding extended periods of direct sunlight, adopting a healthy diet, cessation of smoking, reduction of alcohol consumption and incorporating a daily skincare regime.


The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift procedure at Academy Face and Body has minimal downtime. Patients are advised to follow the post-treatment care recommendations. The Academy Face and Body recommendations include:

  • Application of cold packs
  • Sleeping face up and on an elevated position (on pillows) for 3 to 5 nights
  • Avoiding makeup on the day following treatment
  • Avoiding direct sunlight for about two weeks
  • Avoiding facial massages for at least one month
  • Avoiding any high impact activities or sports for at least two weeks
  • Avoiding spas and sauna for at least three weeks
  • Avoiding dental surgery for three weeks

The pairs of threads used will depend on the treatment area. The brows often require one pair threads while the neck, jaw, and mid-face will require two or more pair threads for optimal results.

Academy Face and Body requires all patients to go through an initial doctor’s consultation (which costs $100 AUD). During the consultation, the doctors discuss the procedure with the patients and assess their suitability for the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift treatment. The cosmetic nurses will recommend a treatment plan suited to the unique needs of each of the patients following skin analysis.

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