Neck Lift

Neck Lift

As you age, it’s natural for the skin around the lower face and neck areas to start to sag. To combat this, many people may opt for a neck lift. This can be either a surgical or non-surgical procedure aimed at improving the look of your neckline.

There are two types of neck tightening procedures each aimed at serving different functions for the patient.

  1. Lower Facelift- This is a surgical and non-surgical procedure whose main focus is to tighten sagging skin beneath the jawline. This procedure also addresses complaints related to banding on the neck often called a double chin.
  2. Neck tuck (Platysmaplasty): This is a surgical or non-surgical procedure specifically aimed at addressing neck bands and double chins. Normally, these bands hang out from the neck making the neck to look out of shape. The procedure rejuvenates both the neck area and under the chin.

At Academy Face and Body, we use a non-surgical procedure to tighten the skin around your neck. We use a permanent fat melting injections. This fat reduction and neck tightening procedure that has become popular across the world. Our doctors and nurses who are highly trained to perform this procedure in our accredited surgery centers here in Sydney and Perth.

We use a Double Chin Injection; a permanent fat dissolving product approved by to help reduce mild to moderate fat under your chin. This injection works by slowly destroying fat cells under your chin, which are then eliminated by the body. This procedure is performed without invasive surgery.

If you have excessive fats around the neck or below your chin, our Cosmetic Doctors are likely to require a combination of treatments including fat dissolving injections, Coolsculpt Mini and Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, all aimed at tightening the remaining sagging skin.

Those who have a sagging skin under their neck that needs tightening will benefit most from our non-surgical lower face lift procedure. Also, those who with bands hanging out from the neck or excess fat under the chin and neck are good candidates for our non-surgical neck tuck procedure.  When you contact us, our medical staffs will ask you a number of questions to confirm whether these procedures will be the best options for you. They will then develop an appropriate treatment plan to improve the look of the skin around your neck.

Regarding pre-procedure requirements, you need to book a Doctor or Registered Nurse consultation prior to treatment. Our specialist will explain the process involved, risks and complications, and answer any questions you may have about our non-surgical procedure. If you are a suitable candidate, you may immediately proceed with first treatment.

Most of our patients require two to four treatment sessions to remove the excessive skin. These sessions are normally spaced about four4 weeks apart. The number of treatment sessions required varies depending on the size of the area to be treated.

We advise our patients to avoid Fish Oils, Vitamin E, blood thinning medications, steroids and anti-inflammatories one week before and after the procedure.

You will be given anti-nausea and pain medications to ease the pain that you may experience when the procedure is being performed. Our Doctors will apply ice packs and monitor your condition for 15 minutes. You should expect some bruising, swelling, discomfort, redness or numbness after the procedure has been performed. You may also experience minor tingling, bleeding, and itching.

Our post-procedure care instructions should be followed to maximize the results of your treatment. These include not applying massage on the affected area and not engaging in high impact sports for a week. We also advise you to continue using pain-relieving medications as required.

You should make a post-treatment appointment four to six weeks after the treatment. Our doctor will use this appointment to review and follow up treatment. You will cover in time to continue with your duties. In fact, most of our patients take approximately one and a half weeks to recover completely and return to your normal duties.

There are few risks and complications associated with our non-surgical neck tightening procedure. You may experience some pain but this will be reduced because pain because the neck area is numbed using a local anesthetic, ice-packs or numbing cream. You will also be given some pain medications to relieve pain. Furthermore, you will only be injected with the fat dissolving injections by our certified doctors or registered nurses.

The results of a neck tightening surgical procedures can last up to 10 years. Just keep in mind that as you continue to age, the skin around the neck will also continue to lose its elasticity. However, if you protect your skin from sun damage, eat a healthy diet and maintain a good lifestyle, you can extend the length of your neck tightening results.

The cost varies depending on the type of neck tightening procedure performed. Our total cost for the lower facelift and Platysmaplasty procedures include the surgeon’s fee, operating room fee, anesthesiologist fee, medication fee, recovery room fee and post-operation garment fee.

If you are interested, your first step to getting our neck tightening services is to book a consultation with one of our Cosmetic Doctors. Following this consultation our Doctors will recommend the optimal treatment program for your skin concerns. To book an appointment with our doctors, contact us today.

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