Medi Facials


Our signature Medi Facials are indulgent yet effective and cater for all skin types. Our experienced dermal practitioners will conduct a thorough skin assessment and then tailor our signature facials to suit each client’s needs. Utilising active cosmeceuticals which penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, our signature facials work by increasing cellular turnover, stimulating collagen production, detoxifying and removing impurities, infusing the skin with vital nutrients and hydration and strengthening the skin’s barrier function to provide ongoing improvement long after your treatment with us.

All of our medical-grade facials are able to be customised to suit your individual skin type and desired results. Start by selecting your preferred treatment and our Dermal Therapists will work with you to create a bespoke treatment for your own unique needs. All of our Medi Facials include your choice of hand or scalp massage, and conclude with an application of serum, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF.


Special Offer Packages

Packages below are designed for a big time relax and a high impact refreshing glow. Perfect as a gift!
Should you wish to purchase as a gift, and not book a specific time/date, feel free to call us on (02) 9439-9293


The ultimate relaxation and revive package includes a fruit enzyme exfoliation of dead skin cells, oxygenation and hydration peel to boost and create a fresh, dewy complexion. Luscious facial and scalp massage and hydrating peptide mask to soothe and replenish. The perfect gift for all skin types.
Price $200 (Value of $300)
Treatment time 60 minutes



The Active Glow package involves a mild chemical peel to even out skin tone, texture and removal of dead skin cells. Scalp massage, and Laser Genesis to stimulate collagen production, diffusing redness and promoting a vibrant, healthy-looking complexion.
Price $250 (Value of $445)
Treatment time 45 minutes


Additional Facial Options



The Purity Medi Facial is ideal for those wanting their skin to feel refreshed and hydrated. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this treatment includes a gentle yet effective cleanse, oxygen mask, pure enzyme exfoliating mask to polish away dull surface cells and pore-clogging impurities, an infusion of enzymes to nourish the skin, followed by a corrective mask based on your own needs. This indulgent facial will leave your skin feeling dramatically softer and plump with hydration.
Price: $200
45 – 60 minutes



Our HydraGlow Medi Facial is for anyone seeking glowing skin with increased hydration. Suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin, this Medi Facial begins with a gentle cleanse and oxygen mask to target any problem areas. This is followed by a customisable Lactobotanical Peel to help smooth fine lines, reduce pigmentation, improve skin texture and provide an immediate boost in hydration, leaving you with a refreshing glow. To finish your treatment, your therapist will recommend either a detox or probiotic mask, based on your skin’s needs.
Price: $180
30 – 45 minutes



Our Vital Radiance Medi Facial includes the all-powerful Benefit Peel to target a range of skin concerns. After a thorough cleanse and stimulating fruit enzyme mask, your therapist will conduct the Benefit Peel which is full of antioxidants, Vitamins A and C and Salicylic acid to nourish, calm, protect and correct the skin. Although powerful, the Benefit Peel is also gentle and requires no downtime. If you’d like to treat hyper pigmentation, Rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, premature aging, dull skin, congestion, uneven skin tone or strengthen delicate skin then this Medi Facial is for you. Your treatment will conclude with a detox or probiotic mask.
Price: $270
45 – 60 minutes



A must for anyone seeking to combat the various signing of ageing, our Age-Defying Medi Facial can target a range of skin concerns. After a consultation with your Dermal Therapist, your treatment will begin with a cleanse, followed by either a fruit enzyme mask or oxygen mask to suit your individual needs. Then the anti-aging Timeless RX Peel will provide thorough exfoliation of dead skin cells while increasing cell turnover and collagen production at the deeper level to restore the growth of healthy, younger looking skin. Suitable to combat sun damage, melasma, scarring, acne, fine lines and wrinkles and congestion. Finishing with a probiotic mask, the Age-Defying Medi Facial encourages stronger, smoother and more dense skin with a boost in hydration and reduction in fine lines, pigment and other signs of ageing.
Price: $290
45 – 60 minutes